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scx2.b-cdn.net image
A new phase of matter: Physicists show non-Abelian anyons in quantum processor (phys.org)
People who switched from GPT to their own models. How was it? (news.ycombinator.com)
Rapier is a set of 2D and 3D physics engines written in Rust (rapier.rs)
Segmenting Comic book Frames (vrroom.github.io)
On Light, Colors, Mixing Paints, and Numerical Optimization (github.com)
www.whitehouse.gov image
Press Release: Future Software Should Be Memory Safe (www.whitehouse.gov)
www.techdirt.com image
Why Isn't Taxpayer-Funded U.S. Broadband Mapping Data Owned by the Public? (www.techdirt.com)
b.thumbs.redditmedia.com image
Mistral Remove "Committing to open models" from their website (old.reddit.com)
ichef.bbci.co.uk image
New York medical school eliminates tuition after $1B gift (www.bbc.com)
R2R – Open-source framework for production-grade RAG (github.com)
static.politico.com image
Senior Boeing employee on why he won't fly a MAX: Just Get me Off This Plane (www.politico.com)
assets.newatlas.com image
Early immunotherapy for Crohn’s disease significantly reduces complications (newatlas.com)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Final images of Ingenuity reveal an entire blade broke off the helicopter (arstechnica.com)
tracebit.com image
It's now possible to find the AWS Account ID for any S3 Bucket (private too) (tracebit.com)
Microsoft strikes deal with Mistral in push beyond OpenAI (www.ft.com)
An interactive guide to Fourier series (2022) (injuly.in)
arnon.dk image
The 14 pains of building your own billing system (arnon.dk)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
The direct influence of Twin Peaks on Zelda (www.theverge.com)
New car buying guide: the algorithm (2021) (github.com)
A drone that calculates coordinates using a camera and Google Maps (twitter.com)
health.mil image
Stress reduction techniques for high stress operations (2023) (health.mil)
robbowen.digital image
It's OK to abandon your side-project (robbowen.digital)
spectrum.ieee.org image
Profiteering Hampers U.S. Grid Expansion (spectrum.ieee.org)
media.newyorker.com image
Inside North Korea's Forced Labor Program (www.newyorker.com)
Building a Fly.io-like scheduler with resource requirements (www.aspiring.dev)
20627419.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net image
You almost never see a clock at the mall (thehustle.co)
Efficient recovery and recycling of cobalt from spent lithium-ion batteries (pubs.acs.org)
Mamba Explained: The State Space Model Taking On Transformers (www.kolaayonrinde.com)
www.economist.com image
TSMC is having more luck building in Japan than in America (www.economist.com)
Osquery: An sqlite3 virtual table exposing operating system data to SQL (osquery.io)
I'm confused: what's with the project descriptions at HTTPS://pkgx.dev/pkgs/? (github.com)
arxiv.org image
Hallucination is inevitable: An innate limitation of large language models (arxiv.org)
playstationcouch.com image
Ubisoft Employees In France have gone on a Strike (playstationcouch.com)
Mass Retraction of unethical Chinese Forensic Genetics Papers (www.science.org)
allthatsinteresting.com image
David Hahn, the 'radioactive boy scout' who tried to build a nuclear reactor (2022) (allthatsinteresting.com)
images.twnmm.com image
Earth just experienced its hottest 12 months in recorded history (www.theweathernetwork.com)
arxiv.org image
Every model learned by gradient descent is approximately a kernel machine (2020) (arxiv.org)
minimaxir.com image
Does offering ChatGPT a tip cause it to generate better text? (minimaxir.com)
ychef.files.bbci.co.uk image
Cities stripping out concrete for earth and plants (www.bbc.com)
qdrant.tech image
We were not accepted into Google Summer of Code. So, we started our own (qdrant.tech)
A simple MUD server in Python which can be run on a Raspberry Pi (github.com)
pudding.cool image
Quantifying the diva-ness of national anthem performances (pudding.cool)
openrss.org image
Google helped destroy adoption of RSS feeds (2023) (openrss.org)
www.reuters.com image
U.S. rice exports to Haiti have unhealthy levels of arsenic, study finds (www.reuters.com)
dataswamp.org image
Some OpenBSD features that aren't widely known (dataswamp.org)
lightning.ai image
Understanding, using, and finetuning Gemma (lightning.ai)
maplibre.org image
Microsoft Joins the MapLibre Sponsorship Program (maplibre.org)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
The Earth is getting greener (www.vox.com)
miro.medium.com image
The Ultimate Guide to PostgreSQL Data Change Tracking (exaspark.medium.com)
Institutions try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution (effectiviology.com)
go.dev image
Go(lang): Robust generic functions on slices (go.dev)
Ten years of remembering every day that passes (lembransation.blogspot.com)
Shoes makes building little graphical programs for Mac, Windows, Linux simple (shoesrb.com)
Consol3 – A 3D engine for the terminal that executes on the CPU (github.com)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
RTO doesn't improve company value, but does make employees miserable: Study (arstechnica.com)
Little Fixes – a spatial forum to improve your city (littlefixes.xyz)
Please Make Your Table Headings Sticky (btxx.org)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
A former Gizmodo writer changed name to 'Slackbot', stayed undetected for months (www.theverge.com)
img.atlasobscura.com image
A 'scam manual' written to help immigrants not become victims (www.atlasobscura.com)
substackcdn.com image
Meta's new LLM-based test generator is a sneak peek to the future of development (read.engineerscodex.com)
static01.nyt.com image
Leaked Files Show the Secret World of China's Hackers for Hire (www.nytimes.com)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Avast fined $16.5M for 'privacy' software that sold users' browsing data (www.theverge.com)
Scuttlebutt social network: a decentralised platform (scuttlebutt.nz)
static.scientificamerican.com image
Certain dogs are capable of learning the names for more than 100 different toys (www.scientificamerican.com)
After 14 years in the industry, I still find programming difficult (www.piglei.com)
brave.com image
Brave's AI assistant now integrates with PDFs and Google Drive (brave.com)
Gemma.cpp: lightweight, standalone C++ inference engine for Gemma models (github.com)
arxiv.org image
Beyond A*: Better Planning with Transformers (arxiv.org)
static1.juicefs.com image
A Distributed File System in Go Cut Average Metadata Memory Usage to 100 Bytes (juicefs.com)
Intel Processor Instability Causing Oodle Decompression Failures (www.radgametools.com)
www.ctvnews.ca image
Facial recognition error message on vending machine sparks concern at University (kitchener.ctvnews.ca)
www.redditstatic.com image
Apple Vision Pro users reporting cracked outer surfaces (old.reddit.com)
I recorded a screen capture of a task. Gemini generated code to replicate it (twitter.com)
Kagi Smallweb [a directory of small/personal websites] (kagi.com)
cdn.masto.host image
Vice website is shutting down (writing.exchange)
www.reuters.com image
US achieves first moon landing in half century with private spacecraft (www.reuters.com)
Africa is building a Great Green Wall to prevent expansion of the Sahara (www.youtube.com)
Mozilla Firefox is below PG&E threshold for support (www.pge.com)
i.guim.co.uk image
Intuitive Machines successfully lands on the Moon (www.theguardian.com)
Nobody ever gets credit for fixing problems that never happened (2001) [pdf] (web.mit.edu)
arxiv.org image
LongRoPE: Extending LLM Context Window Beyond 2M Tokens (arxiv.org)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Google Secures $60M Deal for Real-Time Access to Reddit Data (www.theverge.com)
questdb.io image
The Billion Row Challenge (1BRC) – Step-by-Step from 71s to 1.7s (questdb.io)
xairy.io image
I turned my ThinkPad into a programmable USB device (xairy.io)
Phind-70B: Closing the code quality gap with GPT-4 Turbo while running 4x faster (www.phind.com)
Scientists discover underlying cause of "brain fog" linked with Long Covid (www.tcd.ie)
The Xylophone Maze: Screen-free coding for children (20y.hu)
huggingface.co image
HuggingChat: Chat with Open Source Models (huggingface.co)
image.cnbcfm.com image
Cellular outage in U.S. hits AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon users (www.cnbc.com)
www.gimp.org image
GIMP 2.99.18: The last development preview before 3.0 (www.gimp.org)
cdn.vox-cdn.com image
Google to pause Gemini image generation of people after issues (www.theverge.com)
regmedia.co.uk image
European Court of Human Rights declares backdoored encryption is illegal (www.theregister.com)
antelang.org image
Algebraic effects, ownership, and borrowing (antelang.org)
Google Gemini try to generate image of Caucasians (twitter.com)
To be honest.. GPT copilots aren't that great for programming (news.ycombinator.com)
An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Poker (2020) (hopkinspokercourse.com)
Parsing: The Solved Problem That Isn't (2011) (tratt.net)
dka575ofm4ao0.cloudfront.net image
OpenAI postmortem – Unexpected responses from ChatGPT (status.openai.com)
GaussianObject: Just Taking Four Images to Get a High-Quality 3D Object (gaussianobject.github.io)
Google Reneged on the Monopolistic Bargain (pluralistic.net)
assets.newatlas.com image
Nuclear SMR welding breakthrough: A year's work now takes a day (newatlas.com)
sahanjournal.com image
Coffee machine camera at Amazon warehouse raises concerns about surveillance (sahanjournal.com)
XL: An Extensible Programming Language (xlr.sourceforge.io)
Readyset: A MySQL and Postgres wire-compatible caching layer (github.com)
The lifespan of large appliances is shrinking (www.wsj.com)
Dart (YC W22) – Project management with automatic report generation (news.ycombinator.com)
saveflipper.ca image
Insecure vehicles should be banned, not security tools like the Flipper Zero (saveflipper.ca)
Pijul is a free and open source (GPL2) distributed version control system (pijul.org)
www.deprocrastination.co image
Stop postponing things by embracing the mess (www.deprocrastination.co)
cdn.arstechnica.net image
Walmart buying TV-brand Vizio for its ad-fueling customer data (arstechnica.com)
YouTube's search function is atrocious now [video] (www.youtube.com)
s.yimg.com image
Japan Bets $67B to Become a Global Chip Powerhouse Once Again (finance.yahoo.com)
www.eff.org image
Don't fall for the latest changes to the dangerous Kids Online Safety Act (www.eff.org)
cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Study suggests a 'dark mirror' universe within ours where atoms failed to form (www.livescience.com)
cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net image
Fingerprints can be recreated from the sounds made when you swipe a screen (www.tomshardware.com)
yaledailynews.com image
Faculty group calls on Yale to make teaching 'distinct from activism' (yaledailynews.com)
media.cnn.com image
Death Valley National Park now offering a rare opportunity – kayaking (edition.cnn.com)
wip.gatspress.com image
I was deliberately infected with Zika to test a vaccine (worksinprogress.co)
signal.org image
Signal: Keep your phone number private with Signal usernames (signal.org)
samwho.dev image
A Visual Interactive Guide to Bloom Filters (samwho.dev)
www.phoronix.net image
Valve Makes All Steam Audio SDK Source Code Available Under Apache 2.0 License (www.phoronix.com)
Fast memory vulnerabilities, written in 100% safe Rust (github.com)
Future of 32-bit platform support in FreeBSD (lists.freebsd.org)
Bad property debt exceeds reserves at largest US banks (www.ft.com)
In Defense of Simple Architectures (danluu.com)